Volkswagen (Anhui) Automotive Company Limited

Volkswagen (Anhui) Automotive Company Limited (formerly known as JAC Volkswagen Automotive Co., Ltd.) established by the Volkswagen Group and JAC Automobile Group in 2017, is the Group’s first dedicated NEV joint venture in China. In December 2020, the joint venture was renamed Volkswagen (Anhui) Automotive Company Limited, after Volkswagen Group increased its stake to 75%.

Volkswagen Anhui has fully established a smart manufacturing base with first-class facilities and infrastructure. The construction of the new MEB plant began in July 2021 and completed in just 18 months. The plant will produce pure-electric vehicles based on the Group's MEB platform, with SOP of the first model at end of 2023. The 510,000m2 MEB plant was equipped with world-class production facilities that ensure efficient delivery and high Volkswagen quality standard products. With 140,000 square meters and 1,200 robots, the body shop has the highest automation rate among Volkswagen facilities in China and is also the first one to use 100% “in-line measurement 2025 technology”, ensuring the best quality for our customers.

The MEB plant has been powered by green energy and incorporated a range of energy-saving measures from day one. Volkswagen Anhui is committed to achieve carbon neutral throughout all internal manufacturing process since SOP. The discharged wastewater from the paint shop is non-phosphorus, and it is the first plant in Volkswagen Group achieving it. Together with local partners, Volkswagen Anhui has launched the Smart Logistics project, which will realize more intelligent mobility solutions and push forward Hefei’s smart city plan. The project started integration test in February 2023, the driving distance of the fleet of 3 connected electric logistics trucks will be over 135,780km per year and will reduce about 84 tons of carbon emissions.

Volkswagen Anhui has also made remarkable achievements in its supply chain development. Over the past three years, around 320 production suppliers and 1,000 general purchasing suppliers are already on board with Volkswagen Anhui. To date, Volkswagen Anhui has attracted 48 suppliers to establish operations in Hefei and surrounding areas, establishing a comprehensive and collaborative ecosystem. Adjacent to the smart manufacturing base, two supplier parks have been established, covering a combined area of 850,000 square meters. 18 valued partners have already moved in.

Volkswagen Anhui unites planning, quality assurance, simultaneous engineering and full capability manufacturing and testing together into one facility, with integration across the industrial value chain. It will strengthen smart manufacturing and production efficiency of Volkswagen Anhui, which will play a key role in rapidly growing and optimizing the Group’s NEV portfolio to address the differing needs of Chinese customers in what is the world’s largest NEV market.

Volkswagen Anhui is currently increasing its local talent resources with over 2,100 employees. Benefiting from the Volkswagen Group’s global expertise, locally-hired staff will be sent to Group facilities across Europe, including the headquarters in Wolfsburg, Germany. R&D experts from Germany will join Volkswagen Anhui for on-site training.

In the future, Volkswagen Anhui will fully leverage the Group’s global synergies to intensify its e-mobility strategy in China. Together with partners, Volkswagen Anhui will deepen “in China, for China” strategy and constantly enhance local R&D capabilities, to better accelerate Volkswagen’s transformation towards electrification and digitalization.


To learn more, please go to https://www.volkswagen-anhui.com/