About CARIAD China

In April 2022, CARIAD, the software company of the Volkswagen Group, released its China strategy and established its China subsidiary in Beijing.

As CARIAD's first subsidiary outside of Europe, CARIAD China aims to provide the Group with localized and innovative software products and digital services tailored for the Chinese market.

CARIAD China focuses on localized development and adaptation in six clusters, including:
• User Experience
• User Interaction
• Advanced Driver Assistance Systems and Automated Driving
• Vehicle & system integration
• Data handling
• Hardware design and adaptation

With an open and collaborative mindset, CARIAD China is actively seeking local technology partners and aims to be part of China's digital ecosystem, including:
• In the field of autonomous driving, investing in Horizon Robotics, a leading supplier of computing platforms for smart vehicles, and forming a joint venture;
• In the field of smart cockpit and connectivity, forming a joint venture with ThunderSoft, a well-known intelligent operating system products and technologies provider;
• In the field of UX/UI design, establish one strong in-house team through purchased the local design company ARK.

Through self-developed and collaborative R&D projects, CARIAD China is accelerating the roll-out of its "in China, for China" digital technology solutions based on local customer demand. This will enable the Group's brands and JVs in China to bring consumers a smarter, safer, and more sustainable mobility experience.

CARIAD China now has more than 1100 employees in China. In addition to its headquarters in Beijing, CARIAD China has set up branches in Anhui (Hefei), Zhejiang (Hangzhou) and Shanghai, and is planning to establish more R&D forces in Sichuan (Chengdu) to build a distributed R&D network across the country.