1. How are search results listed?

Search results are sorted by relevance, i.e. content where the search term occurs frequently or prominently is displayed at the top of the list. The date of publication plays a role, but is not the sole criterion.

2. How can I refine my search?

If you enter several terms in your search, the search function will automatically only display content containing all these terms. You can search for a fixed combination of words by putting several words in inverted commas. The search function shows results that exactly match the words you have entered. Searching for “Group” will not show “Group structure”. Add * to a word to search for word combinations, e.g. “Group *” will also display terms such as “Group structure” or “Group management”.

3. Does the search also include PDF files?

Yes. The search function searches the full text of each PDF document.

System Requirements

1. Which browser settings are optional?

For optimal viewing of the Volkswagen Group China website we recommend the following browser settings:

Internet Explore

In Internet Explorer, click "Tools" - "Internet Options" and select the "Advanced" tab. In the lower third of the "Advanced" tab, under "Multimedia", tick the "Show pictures" option. Click "Tools"- "Internet Options" and select the "Security" tab. Click "Custom Level" and under "Scripting" - "Active Scripting" choose "Enable".

2. What are PDF files?

The Portable Document Format (PDF) presents texts and images in the same layout for every computer. PDF files are also relatively small and can therefore be downloaded quickly. You need the Acrobat Reader to display PDF files. The program can be downloaded free of charge here. Download and installation only take a few minutes.

Download Acrobat Reader

3. How can I play MP3 files and MPG videos?

Most Mac and PCs have standard programs for playing MP3 and MPG files. If your browser is unable to play these files, the programs can be downloaded free of charge here:

Download Windows Media Player (PC)

Download Apple Quicktime Player (Mac)

4. How can I play .mov videos?

You need the QuickTime Player to view QuickTime videos (.mov files). If your browser cannot play these files, you can download the program free of charge here.

Download Apple Quicktime Player

5. How can I integrate Flash files?

Macromedia Flash is used to play back animations and reproduce sounds and other Internet effects. The Flash plug-in is integrated into most present-day browsers, and is needed for most of the pages on the Volkswagen websites. Flash version 5.0 is required as a minimum.

Download Macromedia Flash