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What is an RSS Feed?
An RSS feed automatically provides you with the latest news and articles of your favourite website(s). “Feed” means that you will not need to watch out for this information by yourself but in fact will receive it without further ado. These new information will be “delivered” to you. For this reason, we talk of “subscribing” to a certain feed.

How to Subscribe to a RSS Feed?
Using your browser is probably the easiest way to subscribe to a RSS feed. Most modern browsers have a built-in feature to subscribe and manage your RSS feeds (e.g. Internet Explorer (starting from Version 7), Mozilla Firefox, Safari, and Opera). Depending on your browser, the exact steps to do this may vary slightly. Here, this process will be explained by using Mozilla Firefox:

1. Most modern browsers automatically check a website for feeds and display a RSS icon in your address or status bar when they find available feeds. The exact appearance of this icon may vary depending on your browser, but usually it is an orange icon or an icon labelled “RSS”. Click the RSS icon. In case a website offers more than one feed, you may see a list of all available feeds and will be asked to select one of them.

2. Click "Subscribe Now“, if you want to add the selected feed to Firefox’s „Live Bookmarks“. To subscribe to this feed using another RSS reader, select it from the “Subscribe to this feed using” list below.

3. If you subscribed using “Live Bookmarks”, you may now chose a name for the feed and select the location where it should be shown. By default, the Bookmarks menu or the Bookmarks toolbar will be pre-selected. Click “Subscribe” to complete your subscription.

4. The latest news and articles of this feed will automatically be displayed in the selected Bookmarks folder of your browser. Initially, you may just see the headlines of the feed items. Click to expand an item and read it as a whole.Repeat steps 1-4 if you want to subscribe to more feeds.

In case your browser does not support RSS (e.g. Internet Explorer 6), you may subscribe to RSS feeds using free external/auxiliary programs called “RSS readers”. Copy one of the link addresses of the feed you chose below and add it manually to your RSS reader (usually there will be a button labelled “Subscribe”). The latest news and items of this feed will now automatically be displayed in your RSS reader.

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